Computer Science Department




Resource-Bounded Reasoning Techniques

Spring 1997


Shlomo Zilberstein



Seminar Schedule

Date Topic Presenter
1/29/97  Introduction Shlomo Zilberstein
2/5/97  Foundation of Resource-Bounded Reasoning Shlomo Zilberstein
2/12/97  Principles of Meta-Reasoning Joshua Grass
2/19/97  Anytime Algorithms I Victor Danilchenko
2/26/97  Anytime Algorithms II Balakrishnan Ashok
3/5/97  Resource-Bounded Search I John Cavazos
3/12/97  Resource-Bounded Search II Theodore Perkins
3/26/97  Guest Lecture -- Cancelled TBD
4/2/97  Problem-Solving and Scheduling Anita Raja
4/9/97  Resource-Bounded Planning Zhang Xiao Qin
4/16/97  Resource-Bounded Probabilistic Inference Mauricio Marengoni
4/30/97  Resource-Bounded Signal Processing Frank Stolle
5/7/97  Resource-Bounded Information Gathering Christopher Jaynes
5/14/97  Resource-Bounded Scheduling using NNs Anthony Schwickerath

Presenters whose names are highlighted have made copies of the papers available in class/outside my office.