University of Massachusetts Amherst
Department of Computer Science




Seminar in Resource-Bounded Reasoning

Fall 2002


Shlomo Zilberstein and Victor Lesser



  Date   Topic, Discussion Leader, References
9/9/02 Introduction to Resource-Bounded Reasoning (Shlomo Zilberstein)
Refs: [Doyle, 1999]  [Good, 1971]  [Horvitz, 1988]  [Russell, 1997]  [Simon, 1982]
9/23/02 Principles of metareasoning (Roger Mailler)
Refs: [Russell & Wefald, 1991]
Time-dependent utility and action under uncertainty (Brendan Burns)
Refs: [Horvitz, 1988]  [Horvitz & Rutledge, 1991]
9/30/02 Iterative state-space reduction for flexible computation (Mohammad Ghavamzadeh)
Refs: [Zhang, 2001]
Embedded Bayesian networks: Anyspace, anytime probabilistic inference (Charles Sutton)
Refs: [Ramos, Cozman, & Ide, 2002]  [Darwiche, 2001]
10/7/02 Searching stochastically generated multi-abstraction-level design spaces (Shlomo Zilberstein)
Refs: [Steinberg, 2001]
Monitoring and control of anytime algorithms (Khashayar Rohanimanesh)
Refs: [Hansen, 2001]
10/16/02 Optimal sequencing of contract algorithms (Daniel Bernstein)
Refs: [Zilberstein, Charpillet, & Chassaing, 1999]  [Bernstein, Finkelstein, Perkins, & Zilberstein, 2002]
Dynamic restart policies (Raphen Becker)
Refs: [Kautz, Horvitz, Ruan, Gomes, & Selman, 2002]
10/21/02 Principles and applications of continual computation (Gerhard Schroff)
Refs: [Horvitz, 2001]
Provably bounded-optimal agents (Zhengzhu Feng)
Refs: [Russell, Subramanian, & Parr, 1993]  [Russell & Subramanian, 1995]
10/28/02 Bargaining with limited computation (Roger Mailler)
Refs: [Larson & Sandholm, 2001]  Extra reading: [Larson & Sandholm, 2002]
Approximate processing (Victor Lesser)
Refs: [Nawab et al, 1997]  [Decker et al, 1990]  Extra reading: [Lesser et al, 1988]
11/4/02 Value-driven information gathering (Zhengzhu Feng)
Refs: [Grass & Zilberstein, 2000]
Information-driven dynamic sensor collaboration (Khashayar Rohanimanesh)
Refs: [Zhao et al, 2002]
11/18/02 Algorithm portfolio design (Raphen Becker)
Refs: [Gomes & Selman, 2001]
Architectural foundations of real-time (Charles Sutton)
Refs: [Hayes-Roth, 1990]
11/25/02 Structured control for autonomous robots (Brendan Burns)
Refs: [Simmons, 1994]  Extra reading: [Simmons, 1992]  [Simmons, 1998]
Decision-making in an embedded reasoning system (Gerhard Schroff)
Refs: [Georgeff & Ingrand, 1989]
12/2/02 CIRCA (Claudia Goldman-Shenhar)
Refs: [Musliner et al, 1993]  Extra reading: [Goldman et al, 2001]  [Musliner, 2000]
Design-to-criteria scheduling (Jiaying Shen)
Refs: [Wagner et al, 1998]  [Wagner et al, 2002]
12/9/02 Project summaries (5-10 minutes per student)
Cooperative negotiation for distributed resource allocation (Mohammad Ghavamzadeh)
Refs: [Mailler & Lesser, 2002]  [Mailler et al, 2002]

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