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Artificial Intelligence

 Spring 2020


Shlomo Zilberstein




The midterm will take place in class during the normal lecture time on Thursday, March 12. It will be a closed book exam, covering the lectures on search (lectures 1-9). Topics include: heuristic search, abstraction and problem relaxation, constraint satisfaction, local search techniques, resource-bounded search, and adversarial search.

Sample midterm exams from 2014 [solutions], 2016 [solutions], 2017 [solutions], 2018 [solutions], 2020 [solutions] are available online.

A review session for the midterm will be held in class on Tuesday, March 10.

Final Exam

The final exam will be a take-home exam. All work must be completed individually with no consultation with others or Internet searches. The only materials you may use are the textbook, your notes, your graded homework, class handouts, and the class web pages. No other sources may be consulted. I trust that you abide by these rules in accordance with the UMass Academic Honesty Policy.

The exam will be similar in format and length to the posted sample exams, except that it will be released at 7:00 AM on May 1, 2020, and you will have 12 hours, until 7:00 PM on May 1, to upload your solutions via gradescope. Use the following link to download the exam:

Download Final Exam
(available May 1 at 7:00 AM)

The final exam will focus on the materials covered in lectures 10-21. Familiarity with the topics covered in earlier lectures (1-9) may be needed, but these lectures will not be the focus of the exam. All the remaining topics covered in lectures 22-23 are not required for the final exam.

Sample final exams from 2014 [solutions], 2016 [solutions], 2017 [solutions], 2018 [solutions], are available online.

Review sessions for the final exam will be held on zoom on April 23 and on April 28 between 10-11.

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