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Artificial Intelligence

   Fall 2016


Shlomo Zilberstein


Course Information

Course description: The Course explores key concepts of artificial intelligence, including problem solving, state-space representation, heuristic search techniques, game playing, knowledge representation, logical reasoning, automated planning, reasoning under uncertainty, decision theory and machine learning. We will examine how these concepts are applied in the context of several applications.

Lecture: Monday & Wednesday 4:00-5:15, ILC S211

Prerequisites: COMPSCI 220 (or COMPSCI 230) and COMPSCI 240

Credit: 3 units


Teaching assistants:



Policy for exams: If you have any special needs/circumstances pertaining to an exam, you must talk to the instructor before the exam.

Late policy: We will use an online tool called gradescope for collecting and grading homework assignments. Programming portions should be submitted electronically via the EDLAB. Assignments are to be turned in by 11:59 PM on the due date (the same deadline applies to programming assignments; we will verify that no file was modified after the deadline). Gradescope will automaticaly disable turning in homework after the deadline. No exception will be made. If you cannot meet a deadline, you need to discuss that with the intructor in advance and make alternate arrangements for turning in your work.

Regrade policy: Graded homework assignments will be returned via gradescope. If you think a grading error was made, you must file a regrade request using gradescope within one week of when the graded work was released. For any otehr work or exam that is not handled via gradescope, you must talk to the TA or the instructor within a week of when it was handed back.

Academic honesty policy: You are encouraged to discuss the course material with your classmates. You may also discuss homework assignments, but only in order to get a better understanding of the questions, not the solution! All writing and coding must be done on your own. Sharing or copying solutions is unacceptable and could result in failure.

Accessing the web site: The URL of the class web site is "". You can use your favorite internet browser to access the material, but some documents are protected by password. Only students who are enrolled in the class are authorized to use the material. You will receive a user id and password during the first week of classes.

Many of the materials created for this course are the intellectual property of the instructor. This includes, but is not limited to, the syllabus, lectures and course notes. Except to the extent not protected by copyright law, any use, distribution or sale of such materials requires the permission of the instructor. Please be aware that it is a violation of university policy to reproduce, for distribution or sale, class lectures or class notes, unless copyright has been explicitly waived by the faculty member.

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